Boarding and Train

One on One Training and Horse Boarding

I provide individual training directed towards the horse's and rider's needs and skill level. Every horse and human have individual personalities and I would love to help you and your horse develop and become great partners for each other!

Understanding horse language the horse's subtle gestures and how to communicate more effectively will dramatically improve your ability to successfully communicate with your horse.

Horse Boarding for Natural Horsemanship Students who wish to participate in weekly lessons also available. Please contact me for details and pricing.

Group Lessons and Seminars

I can provide group lessons, demonstrations, etc

Contact me for pricing. Host is free with a minimum of 6 participating students.

Colt Starting

Start the colt right! Let's come up with a natural horsemanship plan and strategy to reduce those mistakes and eliminate any long lasting baggage!

Horse Development 

Start with the basics! I will teach you how to understand the horse's non verbal language so that you and the horse will understand each other.  I will teach you how to build a strong foundation with your horse. This will enable you to solve problems, build your confidence, be safe, have fun, and take your partnership to levels that you never knew were possible!!

Learn Advanced Skills to Help You Compete

Natural Horsemanship skills translate to many areas. I have utilized these skills to help me compete in Cowboy Dressage in Southern California with success! Let me help you!


Do you need help troubleshooting specific issues like trailer loading, saddling, ground manners, impulsion, spooking, and others? Let's come up with a plan to solve these issues together!