Debbie Steglic is a wonderful horse trainer! Her many years of study and applying that learning to training her own horses have given her the skills to help others. Debbie has the ability to quickly analyze what the horse and rider need in order to be an effective team. She then develops a plan to train the rider to more effectively communicate with the horse by using proper queues, timing of pressure/releases, and positive reinforcement. Before I started working with Debbie, I had worked with a number of other trainers. No one has helped me improve my success with my horse like she has! She helped me solve multiple problems, including resistance, biting, and lack of impulsion. Debbie is very patient and stresses the importance of making baby steps toward continuously improving horse and rider performance. She does not expect her students to be perfect! Debbie is very flexible and has the depth of knowledge that allows her to come up with many different solutions to solve horse and rider issues. She experiments with these various tools until she finds the ones that work best for a specific horse and rider team. There are no “canned solutions!” Before I started working with Debbie, I was frustrated, made excuses for not riding, and was ready to sell my horse. Now, I am eager to spend time in the saddle, and my horse has a smile on his face and a soft swing in his tail! I highly recommend Debbie to anyone who wants to improve horse communication, technical skills and develop a better partnership with their horse!

--Donna Tierney


What a find! I'm so thankful to find Debbie! Yes, I can raise a baby to 2 yrs...but a stallion? So when the stallion became difficult, Debbie stepped in and made him a gentleman. I'm not planning on gelding him because his attitude has become spectacular! He is going to be the horse of my dreams because of Debbie. My fear is Debbie leaving. Debbie is a Parelli Level 4 graduate and she can foresee his foolishness. and the best is Debbie is training me along the I will grow with Chadwyck. 
I now have a 5 month old filly. Debbie worked her first month and I was thankful for the progress. After Debbie worked her (see her in Utube under Debbie's name) that little bit of time made this baby so willing to back and halter. Thanks Debbie! Can't wait to see the boy grown and accomplished!

--Carol Darnall


Debbie is highly skilled and strongly knowledgeable of horse behavior. In the years that my mare Tiggs and I have worked together with Debbie I have found that she easily develops an excellent relationship with both client and horse, which is an important asset for the development and maintenance of our horse. She's a great people trainer. She is very step by step and very repetitive, which is what you need to be a good reader of horses, as well as a trainer. Debbie breaks things down so that you nor your horse fails. Her goal has always been one of success for both my horse and I. I can't thank her enough for teaching me how to read and understand my mare, and for the numbers of times Tiggs and I walk away after a session with Debbie with huge smiles on both our faces. We both know that this was a great day!!! Heads hung, walking shoulder to shoulder away......and having so much peace and love for one another!!!

--Colleen Scruggs


I met Debbie in the summer of 2017 while doing Cowboy Dressage. That day was a gift to me as I have met a true friend and sister for life. We both share a passion for horses and a desire to improve our horsemanship and communication with our horses. I admire Debbie as she has amazing ‘timing and feel’, if any of you reading this have trained horses, you will know what I mean. That is a talent that is hard to find and it is everything to the horse. They hunger for the release of pressure and finding that exact moment when they have given you the slightest try, is paramount to gaining their trust and understanding. Debbie has that.....I have seen it time and again as I watch her work with different horses, approaching them with what they need at their level of understanding. I have been truly amazed by her communication skills. She has brought my abilities to a new level of understanding. If you want to bond with your horse and take your relationship to the next level of performance you could ask for no better trainer than Debbie Steglic.

Deb Fetherston MD


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